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Cheltenham Town Hall Concert

Grimethorpe Band Latest News

On Sunday the band travelled to Cheltenham to perform an afternoon concert under the baton of Gareth Pritchard.


A review of the concert can be found by following this link;  http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Review-Grimethorpe-Colliery-Band-Cheltenham-Town/story-17486212-detail/story.html


Finally, a rather disappointing review of the band's recent concert in Cardiff made its way on to the popular brass band website 4barsrest.com recently - our thanks to Phil Canon for sending his review in to the website of Sunday's concert in Cheltenham


This is what Phil sent;


Further to Jen Thomas' letter regarding Grimethorpe Colliery Band's concert in Cardiff, I'd like to mention that I was lucky enough to see them in Cheltenham this past weekend and it must have been a different band and a different conductor all together! In my opinion the band were on top form, well directed throughout by their conductor for the evening, Gareth Pritchard, who only read the introduction to 1712 from the score (not every piece as Ms Thomas experienced) and had a great rapport with the audience. The concert was well advertised as a Brassed Off tour concert, so of course featured many pieces from the film as well as their new concert material/brass in concert pieces and some not so new pieces from their repertoire. I'm not sure what else I would have expected to have heard to be honest.


What a great band and what a superb conductor. My wife and I had a great time and would not hesitate in going to see the band the next time they are in the neighbourhood - Chris Gommersall playing Dark Eyes and Andy Holmes playing Concerto De Aranjuez were particular favourites of ours. We would thoroughly recommend that if you ever see a concert with the Grimethorpe band advertised you go and see them!


Great to have some public support from our biggest fans - thank you to everyone who has been to see us this year!  It has been a long one with over 50 concerts, but as we approach Christmas we only have 5 to go starting with Cudworth on Thursday night!